Robotic Case Packing for Snack Trays | Quest Quik Pack QP200-S2A2

The Quest Quik Pack QP200-S2A2 utilizes SCARA and Articulated FANUC robotic arms to pack top-seal trays into cases. The SCARA robots are used to flip and orientate the products so they can be labeled and packed correctly. The two articulated arms catch the produce and place them into cases with precision and accuracy. Also a part of this line, you will see automated case erecting and labeling from our sister company EPI.

The Quest Quik Pack QP200 is a series of robotic case packers designed to pack a variety of products into cases. This solution is compatible with flexible bags/pouches, compartment trays, top-seal bowls, and many more. We use a variety of robot types to orientate, pick, and pack product into virtually any case or tray type - including box store display cases. The system uses an advanced vision system to track incoming product to ensure precise product handling and placement. If you're looking for a simplified solution to automate your case packing, the Quik Pack allows you to run all of your SKUs on just one machine with simple and fast changeovers.