Secondary Packaging Machinery

Quest offers secondary packaging solutions that automate the process to prepare products already in primary packaging for shipment. We understand that demands for cost efficiency, sustainability and retail-ready displays continue to transform secondary packaging, so we design and manufacture fully customizable machinery that can pack, seal and palletize cartons and cases and autonomously move product through your facility.

Quest makes employing robots at the end of the packaging line:

  • Easy
  • Cost-Effective
  • Safe

We have creatively integrated innovation with industry to develop custom case packing and pallet building software that feature simple, WYSIWYG programming interfaces and automated mobile robots that are smart, containing algorithms to enable artificial intelligence.

The Quest Quik Pack QP200 is a robotic top load case packer or pick and place solution optimized for products in flexible packaging.

The Box Bot Series palletizing solution is available as a modular or skid-based solution with additional options available to produce countless solution possibilities.

QPack is a dynamic case packing software that allows authorized users to create pattern variations or entirely new ones.

QBox pallet building software allows operators to design and produce exact pallet patterns, as many patterns as you want without service programmer onsite to perform task.

Quest's Quik Case Erectorhas been designed for direct food handling washdown environments.

Quest's Quik Case Sealer is a fully automatic case sealer for washdown environments.