About Us

Quest is a leading manufacturer of industrial automation equipment focusing on robotics and vision-guidance serving food, beverage, dairy, and other industries needing to optimize floor space, expand operations with accuracy and consistency, and improve overall production line flexibility and efficiency. Quest offers application-specific software products on their robotic products, including pick and place, case packing, and palletizing systems, to simplify system setup and streamline configurability.

Many of its packaging solutions meet industry specific requirements with specialized tooling, software, and protective coatings designed for dairy, produce, and other markets. The company's unique robotic solutions include applications in pick and place, cup filling, knife cutting, vacuum sealing, case erecting, tray forming, case packing, palletizing, vision and verification systems, and much more, including bundling multiple application technologies into a single robotic packaging cell.

Quest is an award-winning FANUC Authorized System Integrator and Certified Vision Specialist, and its systems are capable of direct food contact with USDA-compliant and wash down designs. The diverse knowledge base of the Quest automation team encompasses the entire manufacturing process, allowing the company to solve nearly any customer challenge with the appropriate level of robotic automation to optimize customer outcomes.

FANUC Authorized System Integrator

Quest began an exclusive relationship with FANUC in 2007, and has now grown to an Authorized System Integrator with more than 100 robots per year. Quest has unique expertise in sanitary system design to address the food safety requirements demanded in primary-food handling applications. With a focus on dairy and fresh produce, Quest is an established leader of robotic installations in the food industry. As part of their focus on food, Quest's system designs also focus on portability, being able to move entire production lines in a matter of days in order to relocate to other facilities. Quest and sister companies like Brenton Engineering have made ProMach FANUC's largest packaging integrator.

Soft Robotics Preferred System Integrator

With expertise in the food and beverage sector, Quest designs and delivers robotic picking systems for direct food handling. Historically, the adoption of robotic automation was relatively slow in the food industry, primarily due to the variability of products. Using Soft Robotics mGrip technology, this partnership will continue to unlock food automation solutions for new industries and new customers. Utilizing FANUC robots and Soft Robotics’ food-grade mGrip, Quest’s robotic solutions are capable of gripping hard-to-handle products such as poultry, meats, and cheeses.