Box Bot QB300 Robotic Palletizer

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The Box Bot Series palletizing solution is available as a modular or skid-based solution with additional options available to produce countless solution possibilities.

Modular engineering allows for quality control and complete flexibility in machine design for your application. No costly customization is required to meet your requirements. The space-saving skid-based robotic palletizer features a footprint starting at just 8’x10’ to fit into a standard truck.

Box Bot palletizers feature a long-reach robot that provides higher stack patterns, which better maximize tractor-trailer loading for more efficient shipping.

Learn more about the Box Bot and its features through our interactive animation.

Features & Specs
  • Intuitive HMI end-user interface with an average of just 10 minutes of training needed on the HMI without need for an external computer
  • QBox pallet building software allows operators to design and produce exact pallet patterns, as many patterns as you want without service programmer onsite to perform task
  • Ideal for RSC, HSC, bags, blocks, pails, dunnage and more
  • CAT3 safety comes standard to meet specific customer safety requirements
  • Customer support at machine start-up includes operator training
  • Variety of tool and layer forming options for specific applications
  • Easily disassembled, moved, and redeployed as needs change
  • Standard EOAT is vacuum style gripper with foam pad which can handle corrugate cases, slip sheets and pallets
  • Standard ARB conveyor which ensures cases are registered to the correct location prior to picking without the use of clamps or other devices