IAV Autonomous Vehicle

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The Quest Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle (IAV) provides a smart, flexible solution to move product through your facility. With no need for any magnetic tape or other physical guides, and safe to work alongside other workers, the IAV paired with our Box Bot and Orion Stretch Wrapper provide a cost-effective solution. While most other AGV or AMR solutions have a standard off the shelf vehicle, Quest will work with you to ensure that the IAV can handle the conditions within your facility.

Interact with IAV

Learn more about the Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle and its features through our interactive animation.

Features & Specs
  • Industry leading safety fields – slow down/ stop
  • Autonomously guided – no wires or tape on the floor
  • Dynamic driving with tight turning, parallel, perpendicular, crabwalk and zero turn movements
  • Vehicles programmed with predetermined paths to avoid obstacles
  • Command center software maintains real-time record of all IAVs in fleet via WiFi or Radio communication
  • Standard Lithium Battery
  • Vehicle custom designed to application specifications
  • Optional Feature: Stainless / Washdown version available
  • Optional Feature: Capability to handle up to 17% grades
  • Optional Feature: Charging – battery hot swap or in route opportunity charging