Frozen Foods

Frozen Food Robotic Palletizers, Case Packers, & Tray Packers

Quest works with manufacturers in the frozen foods industry to provide high quality primary packaging and secondary packaging solutions. As a provider of industrial automation equipment, focused on robotics and vision-guidance, Quest specializes in direct food handling machinery and software.

Serving the frozen foods industry, Quest develops specific software products to ensure that food packing machinery is setup, streamlined, and flexible to accommodate diverse frozen food package types.

Primary packaging systems are designed to meet strict sanitary standards, adhering to 3-A, USDA, and FDA regulations. Each of our robotic packing machines ensures that your facility will pass safety and quality standards. With unique pack environment conditions in the frozen foods industry Quest packaging systems include sanitation standards for wash down environments and use materials that are durable and reliable.

To achieve maximum efficiency in production, Quest offers secondary pack systems to automate the packaging process for shipment. Our systems are fully customizable, making the packing, sealing, and palletizing process seamless. Using automated robotics, these case pack solutions are easy to install and integrate into your existing line.

Direct food handling solutions from Quest keep frozen foods safe. Using proprietary and specialized solutions, these robotic automation machines are used in rigorous environments. Pick and place equipment for direct food handling is capable of loading orienting, stacking, and grouping products into primary packaging machines, like thermoformers, flow wrappers, and vacuum sealers.

The Qleen Coat Robotic Coating from Quest is a proprietary robotic coating solution. While working in the food industry and seeing the effects of cleaning practices of standard factory finish, Quest committed to providing machine cleaning and coating solutions. This system protects the finish of the machine and gives the robot a quality sheen.

By developing and integration application-specific software for frozen food products, Quest offers seamless robotic automation integration to ensure precision, efficiency, and flexibility for packaging frozen foods.