Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Good Case Packers & Robotic Palletizers

As a manufacturer of industrial automation equipment for consumer goods products, Quest offers innovative robotics and vision-guidance solutions.

Primary packaging systems are available for consumer products. These solutions are designed to protect retail and consumer products and are in compliance with strict safety standards. At Quest, we understand unique environment factors that apply to consumer goods manufacturing. That’s why our systems use materials designed for maximum durability in a wide range of environments.

Proprietary and specialized solutions are available that enable robotic automation for consumer goods, including Pick and Place and Tray Filling solutions. Pick and Place systems load, orient, stack, and group consumer goods products into diverse machines, including flow wrappers, vacuum sealers, and thermoformers. Tray filling solutions include the Quest QF100 Quik Fill. This machine can fill single and multiple-compartment trays, bowls, and clam shell container with fresh produce, nuts, and snack products.

After consumer goods products are filled and capped, secondary packaging solutions are available to streamline production and prepare consumer goods products for shipment. Secondary packaging systems are cost effective and available for retail-ready displays. At Quest, we design and manufacture customizable machinery to pack, seal, and palletize cartons and cases that can be autonomously moved throughout your manufacturing plant.

The Box Bot Series is a flexible palletizer, available as a modular or skid-based solution. This system ensures quality control and customizable solutions to meet specific requirements in the consumer goods industry. With a compact footprint, the Box Bot palletizer features a long-reach robot for higher stack patterns and, thus, more efficient shipping.

Known for integrating innovation within the consumer goods industry, Quest is a leader in packaging solutions. Quest offers reliable equipment as well as unique services that make our systems cost-effective and user-friendly. From pallet patterns to pack pattern variations, proprietary software from Quest is advanced and accurate in each application. The QBox pallet building software allows operators to design and produce pallet patterns without a service programmer onsite. This eliminates the need to bring in programmers.

By saving time and money, the automation machinery from Quest creates maximum efficiency for manufacturers in the consumer goods industry. Quest develops and integrates specific software products to simplify system setup, streamline configurability, and ensure high flexibility.

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Consumer Packaged Goods