Snack Food Packaging: Quest Robotic Case Packing & Palletizing + Erector, Sealer, & Stretchwrapper

Quest and our ProMach partners offer a wide variety of packaging solutions for snack food. Check out this video to see a full packaging line designed for chips and other snack food in flexible bags! The line includes Quest's robotic case packer and robotic palletizer as well as a case erector and sealer from ‪@WexxarBel and a stretchwrapper from ‪@Orionpackaging‬.

Quest is an award-winning FANUC Authorized System Integrator, solving food & beverage manufacturers' most significant challenges with our robotic expertise. Our team specializes in robotic automation and vision guidance, lending our experience to a wide variety of industries including snack food, produce, dairy, and many more. Contact us today to see what our robots can do for you!