Robotic Top Load Case/Carton Packers

The Quest Quik Pack QP200 is an advanced top-load robotic case packing solution, primarily aimed at products in flexible packaging. It utilizes the cutting-edge Fanuc vision system to precisely identify, locate, and track products on the conveyor, streamlining operations by eliminating the need for complex infeed systems and minimizing changeover downtime. Originally created to meet the automation needs of clients handling delicate, flexible packaging, the Quik Pack demonstrates remarkable adaptability, capable of handling even the most challenging product types. Additionally, it can efficiently load both display-ready and flat pack cases within the same setup, making it a versatile and intelligent choice for optimizing packaging processes.

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The Quest Quik Pack case and carton packer picks up product, places them in boxes, then moves the boxes of products along the conveying system.

Cheese blocks loaded into a corrugated case with sheets placed between layers by a robotic top load case packer machine.

The Quest Quik Pack QP200-AV4 is a perfect casepacking solution for flexible bags/pouches and is compatible with RSCs, display cases, and more!