ProMach Robotic Casepacking, Sealing, Labeling, & Palletizing - Full Integrated Packaging Line

Check out this ProMach integrated packaging line for top seal bowls!

The video starts by showing a Quest Quik Pack QP200 Robotic Casepacker placing bowls into cases. The case patterns are created and modified using QPack Casepacking Software. Full cases are sealed by a BEL 252T Case Sealer and labeled by an ID Technology 252 Print and Apply Labeler. Once sealed and labeled, cases are palletized by a Quest Box Bot QB300 Robotic Palletizer.

Other parts of this line that are not shown in the video include a Wexxar WF20T Case Erector, an ID Technology 252 Print and Apply Pallet Labeler, and an Orion FA Stretch Wrapper.

The experts at Quest use our extensive knowledge to integrate our industry-leading robotic solutions into full packaging lines, with the help of our fellow ProMach brands.