Integrated Packaging Solutions

Quest frequently collaborates with fellow ProMach brands to create integrated packaging lines. These systems are designed to fit specific application requirements to ensure that your processes are optimized with quality automation solutions. For direct food handling, primary wrapping/sealing, casepacking, palletizing, secondary wrapping/sealing, and automated guided vehicles, Quest and our incredible ProMach partners have helped countless facilities maximize throughput while reducing labor costs and product waste.

All systems come standard with:

  • User-friendly operating interfaces for personalized pick, fill, pack, and pallet patterns on an easy-to-use touchscreen.
  • Advanced safety features to eliminate injuries.
  • Optional stainless-steel construction

Browse through this video library to learn more about the integrated packaging solutions from Quest and contact Quest today to find out what our industry-leading automation solutions can do for you.

The integrated modular solutions, IMS, shows products travel a conveyor, where a robotic arm picks and places the bags into boxes.

The Quik Sealer is a versatile machine designed to securely seal boxes of product using your choose between glue or tape.

Quest offers a custom robotic tray forming system to create trays for safe product transporting. This machine increases productivity and maximizes efficiencies.

Check out this ProMach integrated packaging line for top seal bowls!