Vision Systems

Quest Industrial is 1 of 13 Authorized Integrator & Certified Vision Specialists in the Nation.

We have found and proven that vision guidance is a very useful tool for all applications, and we have mastered it. Almost any vision system you can think of, we offer to help optimize your robotic automation to its fullest potential. We have the capabilities to sort and orientate product by color, shape, weight, height, and standard.

2D Robot Guided Vision Integration

Our 2D vision guidance product can accurately move your robot to the location of your part instead of having to create expensive fixtures that are bulky and space consuming. The 2D guidance package allows you to easily adapt to part change over, and find your part accurately in X, Y and Rotation. The camera is integrated with the robot controller which leaves more space on your factory floor.

3D Robot Guided Vision Integration

By using lasers, the 3D Sensor provides the ability to quickly find any parts position (X,Y,Z) and orientation (W,P,R) that your business might need. As with the 2D Vision systems, this positional information allows the robot to pick parts with a higher rate of accuracy.

Process Verification Systems

A system of sensors/cameras which inspect your products to make sure that certain important conditions are met that would indicate whether a production line was functioning properly or not. This could be a camera ensuring that labelers are placing labels at the correct and indicated height.

Pick and Place Vision Systems

Vision systems are set up to identify randomly or inconsistently arranged items and provide information about the position and orientation of these items so that they can be handled by a robot or other automated system.

Part Inspection Systems Including High Accuracy Tolerance Verification

All parts will have tolerances (how accurately the part needs to be cut/created) on their dimensions, and the tolerances are set up so that if all the parts dimensions are within tolerance, then the part will work for whatever job it’s intended for. Often part inspection systems are required to make sure that parts out-of-tolerance do not make their way into assemblies. We have sensors available which can measure dimensions on a part very accurately, and determine whether these are acceptable or not. Typically these systems consist of fixtures and sensor arrays which hold the part and then inspect whatever dimensions you deem necessary.

Turnkey Engineered Vision Inspection Systems

Quest Industrial can develop an inspection station which uses controlled lighting and cameras to check feature(s) on your product, this is called turnkey engineered vision inspection systems.

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