Quest Industrial Demonstrating its Robotic Automation Strengths with Integrated Packaging Line in booth N-5440 at PACK EXPO 2022

Oct 11, 2022

MONROE, Wisconsin, October 11, 2022 - Highlighting this year’s show is an integrated flexible pouch packaging line involving Quest, Wexxar Bel and Bartelt, all of which are ProMach brands.

The integrated pouch packaging line features a Quest Quik Pack QP200-AV2 robotic case packer and a Quest Box Bot QB333 robotic palletizer. The Quik Pack is an ideal pick-and-place robotic case packing solution optimized for products in flexible packaging. The versatile system can identify, orientate, and load a wide variety of package types into both retail and shipping style secondary packaging containers.

The Quest Box Bot, a space-saving robotic palletizer with a small footprint allows for highly customizable pallet patterns. Every Box Bot comes standard with QBox pallet building software that allows operators to create new pallet patterns based on the size of the case and pallet. The latest version of the standard Box Bot utilizes one of more than 24 standard designs to reduce complexity and lead times.

Rounding out the integrated flexible pouch packaging line is a horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) machine from Bartelt (, and a case erector and sealer from Wexxar Bel.

The integrated line begins when stand-up flexible pouches are produced and filled on the Bartelt horizontal bagging machine. The pouches then flow automatically to the Quest Quik Pack robotic case packer which loads the bags into the case based on the case pack pattern configured through the QPack case packing software. Empty cases are supplied by the Wexxar WF-20 case former and sealed by the Bel 252 sealer. The sealed cases are then picked up by the Quest Box Bot which palletizes them based on the pallet pattern configured in the QBox palletizing software. The advantage this line brings to customers is high automation – the ability to accomplish several tasks in a very small footprint. By allowing robotic automation to do the work, companies manage labor challenges by reallocating employees into other areas of a plant or facility where their skills can be put to better use.

This fully functional integrated flexible packaging line is a great example of ProMach brands working closely together to meet the full scope of automation needs of customers. Projects like this allow customers to have one central point of contact, and that contact serves as a one-stop, full-service provider by connecting multiple ProMach solutions together. This level of integration involves professional project management to streamline the planning process, installation, and start-up for packaging lines.

Quest is also demonstrating the QCB 320; a user-friendly collaborative (cobot) robotic palletizing system. The cobot is designed to work together with both people and other robotics. The system’s small size makes it ideal for work in confined spaces. Since cobots are engineered to interact with people, they are sensitive and aware of their environment, and do not require traditional rigid guarding. This helps reduce the cobot’s overall footprint, making it more flexible and agile to operate within a small space.

To see how these robotic packing and palletizing solutions can improve packaging processes on your next project, visit Quest in booth N5440 at PACK EXPO 2022; visit

Quest QP200 - Quick Pick Case Packer
Quest QB333 - Box Bot Palletizer
Quest QCB320 - Cobot Palletizer
About Quest

Quest is a leading manufacturer of industrial automation equipment focusing on robotics and vision-guidance. With expertise in the food, beverage, and dairy markets, Quest optimizes floor space for customers experiencing growing demand and helps improve their overall production line flexibility and efficiency. Quest offers application-specific software on their robotic products, including pick and place, case packing, and palletizing systems to simplify system setup and streamline configurability. Quest is a product brand of ProMach, a global leader in packaging line solutions. As part of the ProMach Robotics & End of Line business line, Quest helps our packaging customers protect their reputation and grow the trust of their consumers. ProMach is performance, and the proof is in every package. Learn more about Quest at and more about ProMach at

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