Quest palletizing solutions incorporate modular engineering for quality control and complete flexibility in machine design for your application.

The Quest Box Bot Series palletizing solution is available as a modular or skid-based solution, and there is no costly customization is required to meet your requirements. The space-saving robotic palletizer features a footprint starting at just 8’x10’ to fit into a standard truck.

A standard feature on every Box Bot palletizer is QBox, a proprietary custom pallet building software that allows you to build your own patterns. QBox provides more functionality to design and produce exact robotic palletizing patterns for bags, cases and packaging variations for a wide variety products and industries, enabling more versatile, intuitive and user-friendly palletizing. It also saves time and money since a service programmer is not needed.

The box bot palletizer is a secondary packaging machine designed to stack boxes of product onto a pallet using a durable, efficient robotic arm.

Palletizers from Quest are designed to maximize efficiencies and maintain product safety standards as products are moved onto pallets.