Integrated Modular Solutions

Quest’s integrated modular solutions extend our robotic cells and help
connect the new automation to existing plant lines or processes. We take
our robotic expertise combined with what we have learned about your
specific application, and we deliver an automated solution to optimize
your process. The resulting solution integrates seamlessly into your
plant and is customized to fit your unique requirements.

Most of our solutions are 304 or 316 stainless steel formed and welded construction
with raw, polished or matte stainless finishes, contain fully integrated
controls packages, and are designed for washdown applications and ease
of cleaning.

The integrated modular solutions, IMS, shows products travel a conveyor, where a robotic arm picks and places the bags into boxes.

The Quik Sealer is a versatile machine designed to securely seal boxes of product using your choose between glue or tape.

Quest offers a custom robotic tray forming system to create trays for safe product transporting. This machine increases productivity and maximizes efficiencies.