Robotic Ultrasonic Cutting

Quest offers robotic ultrasonic cutting cells for cheese, produce, and deli meat producers. The ultrasonic cutting process involves a knife vibrating at the speed of sound producing a nearly frictionless surface to which food does not stick nor deform. Quest has been able to master cutting many types of cheese in both wheels and blocks and of all consistencies from hard to soft all within a small footprint. With the ability to execute 8 to 120 cuts per minute while changing cut shapes and patterns instantly.

Features & Specs
  • Create more consistent cuts and weights
  • Compared to other cutting methods, ultrasonic cutting greatly reduces clean up and has a wider cutting temperature range
  • Easy change over from product to product
  • Stainless and washdown finishes
  • Robotic solutions are USDA Dairy rated including Qleen Coat Robotic Coating and Qleen Armor Robotic Drip Management
  • Optional 3D Scan and FANUC Vision for robotic cells to ensure best yields and / or cut shapes