Qleen-Line Direct Food Contact Washdown Conveyors

Quest's Qleen Conveyor Series products are designed for washdown conditions. The Qleen Conveyor Series product is afull line of Direct Food Contact Washdown Rated Conveyors to fit a wide range of applications. The Qleen Conveyor Series can meet 3-A and USDA Dairy standard.

Our direct food contact washdown conveyors are constructed out of only USDA accepted materials and construction that makes clean up simple and easy. Our washdown conveyors have no fasteners within the food contact zone and all of our washdown conveyors’ product contact zones are designed for tool-less removal, and they are easily cleaned, disassembled, and maintained.

Features & Specs
  • 304 or 316 Stainless Steel formed and welded construction with raw, polished or matte stainless finishes
  • Fully integrated controls packages
  • Customized to individual applications
  • Constructed only from USDA accepted material
  • Designed for easy cleaning, disassembly, maintenance and washdown in place
  • No fasteners within the food contact zone
  • Tool-less removal of product contact zones