Developing and integrating software products for the industrial industry, Quest provides quality solutions to simplify system setup, streamline configurability, and create greater versatility. Using robotic automation systems for primary and secondary packaging, Quest works with manufacturers of industrial products to create safe and seamless robotic integrations.

Primary packaging equipment follows stringent sanitary standards to protect the integrity of retail and consumer products. Following 3-A, USDA, and FDA regulations, Quest is committed to helping keep industrial manufacturing facilities safe. Meeting the unique environment conditions of industrial products, Quest offers pick and place and bowl and tray filling solutions.

The pick and place QP100 is a versatile picking system available to load, stack, and group products into diverse primary packaging machines, including vacuum sealers, thermoformers, and flow wrappers. This robotic picking system grips hard-to-handle products, loads lined totes or carton in varying pack patterns, and is easy to maintain with minimal wear parts.

Once primary packaging is complete, secondary packaging solutions are available to automate the process for shipment. Secondary pack systems include case packers, box palletizers, case erectors, case sealers, IAV autonomous vehicle solutions, and software solutions.

Having a fully functioning packaging plant for industrial products is vital in cost and time savings. Once your facility is up and running, Quest continues to partner with you to provide after-sales solutions. We work with the industrial industry as a long term, strategic partner to ensure plant productivity is efficient and keeping up with evolving practices. After-sales solutions include spare parts, safety stock, field and technical services, preventative maintenance, machine modernization, and more.

Machine modernization is designed to update equipment with new components and controls. This keeps existing equipment running efficiently and ensures upgrades to outdated controls and obsolete components as well as extends the longevity of your equipment.

Quest manufactures industrial automation equipment, focusing on robotics and vision-guidance, serving the industrial industry with simple, seamless, flexible solutions.